The Postal Museum in Aarhus, Denmark

By Toke Nørby


An old Postmaster You can find the museum in "Den Gamle By", Viborgvej 2, DK-8000 Aarhus C.

If you are going to visit Århus, you would do yourself a favour if you visit the old post office in "Den Gamle By" ("The Old Town") in Århus. This old post office belonged to "De Post- og Telegrafhistoriske Samlinger i Aarhus" but is now a part of "Den gamle By" in Aarhus. Here you can se what I am dreaming about - sometimes! Old furnitures from the very old post office, old cancellations marks, weights and the desk of postmaster Einer Holbøll, the inventor (in 1904) of the Christmas Seal, etc. "De Post- og Telegrafhistoriske Samlinger i Aarhus" is now a part of Post & Tele Museum in Copenhagen.

Anyone who has an interest in the postal service, stamps or postmasters will be thrilled with what they will find here. There are postal museums all over the world, as you will see they are a great way to learn a little more about a country. Now while in Denmark you have a chance to visit one of ours. It's a unique opportunity to have a greater understanding of the running of a postal system and to find out fun facts about it.

On the postcard here you can see a real old Danish postmaster "Waiting for the Stagecoach" as the text on the postcard reads. The old postmaster was my friend Henning Vraa Andersen (b. 26.12.1927 - d. 17.11.2009), and he was a real postmaster - not waiting for the stagecoach, but probably for a nice evening playing cards with us guys: L'hombre! :-)


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