2003 FIP Web Site Evaluation canceled

Francis Kiddle, president of the FIP Literature Commission and FIP director Charles Peterson have announced that the 2003 FIP Philatelic Web Site Evaluations have been canceled. The need for this action became apparent last month following examination of the time needed to meet the needs of these evaluations and also the requirements of the other duties of the primary participants in these evaluations.

There have been four FIP Philatelic Web site evaluations to date, beginning in 1999. In each year the web sites entered were awarded a ranking of Two Stars, Three Stars or Top 5 %. From the last group, one was selected by the panel as the Best Philatelic Web Site. Logos appropriate to the results were authorised by the FIP for display on the sites that received them.

The results for each of these years are posted on this new FIP Philatelic Literature web site. The FIP Web site at http://www.f-i-p.ch/ lists the 2002 results only.

It is anticipated that, after further study, these evaluations may be resumed in 2004.

Robert de Violini ()