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Web Site Evaluations

Application Form
Simply mark the whole form (Ctrl-A), copy it (Ctrl-C), paste it (Ctrl-V) it into a text editor and fill it out.
  1.  Applicant's Name:
  2.  Street or PO Box Address:
  3.  City:
  4.  Postal Code:
  5.  State:
  6.  Country:
  7.  E-mail:
  8.  Telephone No.:
  9.  Fax No.:
  10.  Class of entry (check one):
        Individual, Group or Society.
        Postal Administration.
  11.  Identification:
        Name of Society:
        Membership No.:
  12.  Name of Web site to be evaluated:
  13.  Address (URL): http://
  14.  Brief description of site:

Statements: By sending the application, I certify that I am the site author and/or Webmaster, or am otherwise authorized to submit this site for evaluation. I acknowledge that the "FIP Web Site Evaluation Logos" are the property of the FIP and may only be displayed on a site when authorized by the FIP. Display of the relevant logo (i.e., Best Site, Top 5%, 3-Star or 2-Star Logos) must include the year(s) for which it was awarded).


The form must be submitted:

  1.  Send the form attached to an e-mail to "Francis Kiddle" . AND to "Marie-Louise Heiri, F.I.P." . No signature is necessary on this copy.
  2.  For formal registration and evaluation, submit a signed copy of the form (simply print the filled out form and sign it) to the appropriate FIP national federation, together with payment of US $25 or the equivalent, made payable to the National Federation.

(FIP National Federations: Please verify that the applicant is a member or affiliate of your Federation, and notify the FIP Evaluation Committee of the application and payment, by mail, fax or e-mail as indicated above. Registration fees should be transferred to the FIP by separate action).



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