"Dansk Reklame-Kunst"
- a nice Danish Perfin

By Toke Nørby


Dansk Reklame-Kunst
According to the Danish Perfin Samlerklub's catalogue, "Katalog over danske firmaperforeringer"1, this firm was located in Copenhagen and owned by a E. Jacobsen. The firm got permission, reference number 12697, from the Danish General Post Office to perforate stamps from October 1910. According to the new Danish Perfin Catalogue issued in March 2001 this perfin is known in use in the period:

1910.12.?? - 1912.05.??



The cancellations shows that it was cancelled in Frederikssund, a Danish town on Sjælland on "12.2.11. 6-8 E" which means between 6 an 8 "Eftermiddag" (pm). On the back of the piece the red text read: "Trading Stamp. - 3 Øre - till 6 months after the date of sending". The vertical text read: ".. and should be kept"

If any of you can tell me more about this "Trading Stamp" and the firm, I will be pleased to incoorporate the information you provide here on this page.

1. Katalog over danske firmaperforeringer by Dansk Perfin Samlerklub. March 2001. ISBN 87-988347-0-3.


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