A List of Danish On-Line Collectors

On-Line Scandinavian Collectors of Denmark, The Færoes, Greenland and Danish West Indies,
Abroad On-line Members of The Danish Philatelic Federation
- and a few Personal Friends :-)
Stamps (St) and Postal History (PH)

By Toke Nørby

This list covers 231 persons. Last update: 30.05.2016.

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The list was first uploaded on 3 March 1997. Enjoy!

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Name / E-mail Address [Home Town] / Collecting Interests LM / URL
Aagesen, Søren / madaage "at" post10.tele.dk D, DK, Fr, Gr, N, S St. TH: Birds, Crowned Heads. Special Study: DK wavy lined St. 2001.04.12
DFFAarhus Frimærkehandel (Lars Boes) / lars "at" boes.com Stamp Dealer - Mail Order only 2000.10.31
DFFAbildgaard, Carsten / carsten "at" abildgaards.dk Bosnia St 1997.03.03
Albrechtsen, Michael Kühne / stamp "at" mail.tele.dk DK, Gr, Fr St 1999.05.10
Albright, Paul / palbright "at" wiche.edu Former Editor, "The Posthorn" with interest in articles on Scandinavian philately. 2012.12.26
Album-It (Karl-Otto Villadsen) / stamp "at" album-it.dk Stamp Dealer - Special Album System 2001.11.22 / Yes
Amagerbro Frimærkehus (Harvey Rosenblum) / amagfrim "at" post.tele.dk Stamp Dealer. Copenhagen, Stamps, Kiloware, etc. Danish and English 2000.11.05
DFFAndersen, Carsten / carsten_andersen_ "at" hotmail.com DK, N and D St. 2001.06.19
DFFAndersen, Henrik / andersen.pipeline "at" get2net.dk Scandinavia, incl. Fr. Åland, Greenland and DWI 2000.03.16
DFFAndersen, Knud-Erik / kunstsmed "at" image.dk DK Wrappers. IS all Aspects. Sudetenland 1938-40. Czechoslovakia St. + Postal Stationery 2003.01.18 / Yes
DFFAndersen, Poul / poul.a "at" post.tele.dk DK, Gr, Fr, D, W-Berl., St. DK Sunday letters, stationery, single lettercards. Pc: Motifs from Aarhus. Th Cartography 1999.03.11
DFFAndersen, Vagn / vagn-andersen "at" sol.dk A Stamp From Everywhere - one stamp only from each of the 24,000 different collecting fields - ask me! 2002.12.12 / Yes
Andreasen, Hans B. / ma-kjand "at" online.no DK, Star Cancellations. Postcards: Copenhagen Town Hall Square 1999.09.01
DFFAndreasen, Per / Per.Andreasen "at" gmail.com DK, Gr, Fr, N, IS, D > 1945, Ireland, Baltic States < 1990 St 2008.01.28
DFFBarth, Johnny / barth "at" post3.tele.dk Cape of Good Hope, Bhopal. Langeland (Danish Island). PH 2006.11.13
DFFBech, Peter Kr. H. / pbechfrim "at" webspeed.dk Hungary - especially the Inflation Period 1945-46 2006.02.18
DFFBek-Pedersen, Svend / svendb-p "at" post2.tele.dk The Rhodesias, British Aden, Edinburgh < 1844 PH 1997.07.25
DFFBendix, Jan / Skilling "at" Skilling.dk DK PH Railways and Obliterations 2000.11.07
Bendtsen, Axel / hax "at" stofanet.dk DK, Fr, Gr, IS St. 2004.01.02
Benfield, William R. / Dr.Benfield "at" gmail.com DK Essays, Proofs, Specimens, Unissued, Reprints & Tests 2012.11.05
DFFBerger, Erling / dsl297023 "at" vip.cybercity.dk NL PH 2006.03.21
DFFBisgaard, Jens / jens_bisgaard "at" bigfoot.com DWI St. Fredericia PH 2000.01.11
DFFBjerring, Arne / arne_bjerring "at" mail.tele.dk DK varieties. Ph Sommersted (DK). Israel, Lithuania St 2000.03.11
Blytmann, Lars / lbl "at" gh.gl DK Gr. St. 1999.11.10
Boldt-Jørgensen, Claus Anker / stamp "at" plebiscit.org Slesvig / Schleswig Plebiscite 1920 24.02.2011
DFFBols, Bjørn / mib.bols "at" c2i.net DK St, Varieties, Perfins, Stationery etc. 2006.11.25 / Yes
Borg, Niels / niels-hanne "at" oncable.dk DK, D, DDR, WBerlin, Ca, USA St 2002.10.10
Brdr. Bryld's Filateli / bbfilateli "at" city.dk Worldwide Cover, Postcard, PH and St Sale 1997.12.08 / Yes
Breinbjerg, Bjarne / bjarne.breinbjerg "at" mail.dk DK, Gr, Fr, Canal Zone, Nyassa & Mocambique Company 2002.02.14
Brinck, Jørgen J. / brinck "at" pc.dk DK Pc Skjelskør / Skelskør / Skælskør 2009.08.18
Buch-Larsen, Rasmus / Buch-Lar "at" forum.dk DK, N, France, Japan St 1999.01.01
Burgman, Henk P. / henk.burgman "at" gmail.com N, S, SF, IS, DK Coat of Arms, Kings Chr. IX, X and Frederik VIII (used only) etc.! 2006.11.13
Bøgely, Gunnar Leopold / info "at" samler.dk DK, Gr, Thule, DWI, GB, DDR, Zeppelin and more! (part time dealer) 2007.11.14 Yes
Baadsgaard, Henry / baadsgaard "at" teliamail.dk Th Birds. Yugoslavia used St 1999.03.23
Cambofil Samlercentrum = Eichmeyer, Ebert W. N.    
DFFChristiansen, Arne / mail "at" arne-christiansen.dk DK, GR, FR, DWI, Hungary St Used/MNH 2003.12.17 Yes
Christiansen, Bo / bcprivat "at" tiscali.dk DK, Postcards from Hillerød (Danish Town) and its area 2005.03.23
Christiansen, Henrik / brinch "at" post2.tele.dk DK, DWI, N, Berlin 1999.06.11
DFFClemensen, Erik / eclemens "at" aof-danmark.dk DK, DWI, Ål St. Th. Birds 1998.06.23
DFFCrety, Manfred / mcrety "at" gmail.com Old D and Third Reich, BRD, DK, Po, West-Berlin, DDR 26.06.2013
DFFDanielsen, Ivan / ivda "at" tdk.dk DK St Superb Cancellations 1999.08.02
DFFDanmarks Filatelist Forbund / danfil "at" danfil.dk   2000.07.18 / Yes
Debracy, Mogens / mdebracy "at" gmail.com DK Bi-Col 1875 St. 01.02.2012
DFFDetlef, Lars Krucov / lars "at" detlef.dk DK Ph. 6780 Skærbæk District incl. Rømø up to 1960 2003.11.26
DFFEichmeyer, Ebert W. N. - Cambofil Samlercentrum / post "at" cambofil.dk DK, Fr, Gr, Cambodia St. Th. Judo, Vikings / Stamp & Coin Dealer 2000.08.05
DFFEkelund, Per / perekelund "at" vip.cybercity.dk Dk, N, F, Cuba, Indonesia St, 1999.10.10
DFFEldrup, Ebbe / ebbe.eldrup "at" gmail.com Iceland, PH and St., Expert 22.08.2013
DFFEngelbrecht, Lars / lars.engelbrecht "at" helsager.dk DK Postal Stationery Bi-Col. (1871-1905) 2003.06.16 / Yes
DFFEriksen, Bjørn / bjorneri42 "at" gmail.com Stamps and Old Danish Postcards; Precident of Dansk Postkortsamler Klub 22.08.2013 / Yes
Eskesen, Christian / WinChrEs "at" post1.tele.dk DK St 1997.03.03
DFFFlensberg, Gert / Gert "at" midtfyns-gym.dk GB, especially Machin 1999.09.28
DFFFrandsen, Kaj / kaj-frandsen "at" mail.tele.dk Nederland, Ned. Indie (also Ph), Curacao, Suriname 1999.05.21
Frederiksen, Tage / tage "at" ukonline.co.uk DK, Gr, Fr, N St. 2001.07.03
Frimann, Preben / frimann1 "at" ofir.dk DK 4 RBS Ferslew Printing, Essays, Test- & New Prints 2003.10.31
DFFFrimærkebutikken = Jørgensen, Theis / info "at" fb-net.dk Stamp Dealer 2009.07.21 / Yes
Forssén, Arne (S) / aforssen "at" algonet.se DK Classic 1851-1863 St 1997.08.11
DFFFyns Frimærke Service = Heck, Bjarne / stamps "at" stamps.dk Stamp Dealer 2007.11.14 / Yes
DFFGade, Tony / tonygade "at" hotmail.com DWI transfer perioden, shippost St. Thomas, Bisected Stamps (korsbånd / first date covers / printed matter / wrappers). Mail from DWI to Denmark 1846-77. 02.12.2013
Gottrup, Morten / Gottrup "at" gmail.com Holte, Nyholte PH and Stamps cancelled at Holte. Information etc. about local post and the local stamps. Buy/exchange. 14.04.2016
DFFGraungaard, Thomas / thomas "at" graungaard.dk IS St 2001.08.08 / Yes
DFFGravesen, Jesper Bryld / morso "at" post4.tele.dk DK Covers 1950-1996 1997.03.03
DFFGrib, Poul / pgrib "at" worldonline.dk CA MNH all incl. D WWII Censored Mail 2002.01.23
Hansen, Bjarne Bundgaard / bundgard "at" post6.tele.dk DK, N, IS, Fr, D, Baltic States, USA St 1997.05.01
Hansen, Carl Nødgaard / c.hansen "at" teliamail.dk DK, N, Hungary St 1999.01.26
DFFHansen, Jan Kingo / jan "at" klovtofte.dk DK N, IS, S, Hungary, Cyprus, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco < 1960 2003.10.28 / Yes
DFFHansen, Jan Nordmark / jnh "at" ra.sa.dk / nordmark "at" get2net.dk DK King FR. VIII. 1907-12 St PH 1998.05.13
DFFHansen, John Nybo / johnnybo "at" mail.tele.dk D (all Areas) Prephilately and up to 1945. 1999.12.22 /
DFFHansen, Niels Jørgen / mif "at" cool.dk DWI, Danish Locals 1997.08.16
DFFHansen, Niels Kristian / selma-kristian "at" get2net.dk DK PH and 1900-1930 St 1999.08.13
Hansen, Scott 'Steg' / steg "at" airmail.net DK, Gr, Russia, Japan, Egypt St 1997.12.27
DFFHansen, Søren Juhl / dysse24 "at" mail.dk Th. Cartography. Latvia 1918-40 St 2003.03.20
Hansson, Flemming / flemming.inger "at" os.dk Nordic Countries, Germany (all), UN, Ireland, The Netherlands St. 2005.01.13 / (forbidden)
Hansson, Jørgen Gregers / JGH "at" intercope.com US St 2006.09.13
Harbøll, Poul Erik / peh "at" city.dk DK, Gr St. PH Frederikshavn (Danish Town) 1999.03.28
DFFHaugaard, Jan / janha "at" post3.tele.dk DK Christmas Seals, Post Cards from Slagelse 1997.09.06
DFFHeck, Bjarne - Fyns Frimærke Service / stamps "at" stamps.dk Stamp Dealer. 2004.06.22 / Yes
DFFHenriksen, Kim / danmark "at" mimer.no Post Cards Vejle and "Dania ex Dania" (Denmark outside Denmark). 26.12.2012
DFFHelmer-Jensen, Kennet / kennet.helmer-jensen "at" post.dk DK PH st. Hillerød/Frederiksborg 20.05.2008
DFFHesselbjerg, Elo / ehesselbjerg "at" mail.dk DWI, Gr, Fr, Hungary St. Postcards from Odder-Neder Randlev-Boulstrup-Hou (Old Danish Railroad) 2002.01.18
Hestehave, Torben / hestehave "at" stofanet.dk Ribe, Mandø, Ansager and Den Gamle Grænse: Danish Pc 2007.07.24
DFFHilberg, Torben / torb.hilb "at" stribnet.dk Danish West Indies 1998.03.05
DFFHinnerichsen, Bjørn / hinnerichsen "at" stofanet.dk Finland 2005.05.31
DFFHjørne, Torben / navi "at" mail1.stofanet.dk Gr PH 1999.02.01
DFFHøgfeldt, Jørgen / steka "at" steka.dk Censored Mail 2001.02.25
DFFHøgfeldt, Steen / sh "at" steka.dk Censored Mail 2001.02.25
DFFHøiland, Thomas / th "at" tha.dk Stamp Dealer/Auction House 2003.10.24 / Yes
DFFHøy, Hans Jørgen / hjhoy "at" post4.tele.dk DK St, Hjørring PH - including Sub Post Offices 2008.04.14
DFFIversen, Jon PH & Pc from Struer (Danish Town). SF ca. 1889 to 1918. Russia < ca. 1923 2003.03.03 / Yes
DFFIversen, Kresten / kliver "at" profibermail.dk DK Steel Engraved St Postmarked in Aarhus, Fr, Gr, St. 2008.12.17
DFFJakobsen, Jakob / jakob "at" jakobsen.tdcadsl.dk DK. IS. Fr. Gr klassisk. Samt DWI Alt. st, ust, breve og postkort etc. 20.08.2012
DFFJensen, Gert Svane / i.g.svane "at" get2net.dk Th: Dogs and Golf 1999.04.22
Jensen, Ole / h.risvig "at" get2net.dk DK, Fr, Ireland, Spain S. Danish Pc. 1900-1944 1999.07.27
DFFJensen, Søren Chr. / sorenchrjensen "at" gmail.com Jammu, Kashmir, Indian States, Crete, DK Bi Col 2009.08.16
Jessen, Gunnar / gunnar "at" gjessen.karoo.co.uk DK PH WWII. AFA N23: Plating of 2RBS 1901 Reprint 2003.10.05
Just, Steen / Steen.Just "at" kdassem.dk DK (1851-1912), DWI (Bi-Col.) St; Mushroom Topical Stamps. 1997.10.31
DFFJørgensen, Carl / carl.jorgensen "at" vip.cybercity.dk DK Chr X Bi-Col St. DK PH forms 1997.11.04 / Yes
DFFJørgensen, Jan / jaboeck "at" esenet.dk South West Africa & Namibia incl. Covers 2006.01.07
DFFJørgensen, Preben / scanshow "at" email.dk DK Advertising Stamps 2010.02.12
DFFJørgensen, Theis - Frimærkebutikken / info "at" fb-net.dk Stamp Dealer 2009.07.21 / Yes
DFFJørgensen, Torben Mehl / torben "at" mehl-jorgensen.dk Danish and Russian Postal History 2008.01.14
DFFKjærgaard, Otto / ottokj "at" gmail.com Radiobreve (Radio letters), Grindsted PH, Gr PH 03.09.2011
DFFKlitgaard, Kristian Holm / kristian.klitgaard "at" skolekom.dk DK Railway-, Bus-, Steamship-Parcel St. IS, DK, N, SF St 2003.02.11
DFFKluge, Jørgen / jkluge "at" webspeed.dk D Special, Censored Mail 2005.09.13
DFFKnudsen, Bendy † / viking-stamps "at" hobby.dk Stamp Dealer - his family take care of his business 2008.01.14 / Yes
DFFKnudsen, Frode Vesterby / frodevesterby "at" mail.dk Th. Horses 2010.02.12
Knudsen, Nils G. / ngk "at" get2net.dk S, DK St. 1998.07.12
DFFKnudsen, Per Erik / per.erik.knudsen "at" getmail.no Fr, Danish Locals, Danish Postal Stationery with added postage due. 2010.10.04
Knudsen, Thomas Elmbæk / thomas.elmbaek "at" southdenmark.be Europe Cancelled St. 2001.11.26
DFFKrings, Rudolf / rudolf.krings "at" get2net.dk G Field Post WW2. General Gouvernement. Th. Monkeys 1998.08.10
DFFKristensen, Jørgen / jbkristensen "at" mail.dk Burma, Nepal St 2003.02.18
Kristensen, Lise / lise "at" hobby.dk DK, N, A, Ca and US precancels. St. 2002.08.13
DFFKristensen, Poul / pkhj "at" get2net.dk Used DK, N, SF St 1999.10.17 / (gone?)
Kristensen, Preben / pk2 "at" post.tele.dk Olympic Games Th 2002.04.30
DFFKristiansen, Jan / hanna.jan "at" mail.tele.dk Perfins Worldwide (Mainly Nordic Perfins) 2001.04.07
Kryhlmand, Thomas / t.kryhlmand "at" esenet.dk Th. Sports 2002.12.17
Kærstrøm, John / pamiut "at" post10.tele.dk DK, Gr, Fr, DWI, Russia, Soviet, Ecuador St 1998.06.29
Ladefoged, Claus / cl "at" novozymes.com DWI, Gr, Chr. X, Karavel, Sailboats Th. 2004.11.09
Larsen, Jørn / joernl "at" post3.tele.dk Czechoslovakia (ARGE Tschechoslowakei Section Leader in DK) 1998.11.05
Larsson, Thomas / stampscovers "at" atlashaftes.se Skandinavian Booklets 2000.02.08 / Yes
DFFLauth, Willy / lauthlemvig "at" mail.dk Postal Stationery of the Danish West Indies / Danish International Reply Coupons 12.07.2010
DFFLeegaard, Valdemar / vleegaard "at" jubiipost.dk DK < 1940 & DWI MNH. Gr, Fr, Ål MNH & used. DK & IS used - SON! 2000.04.30
Leidecker, Søren / dreyer-leidecker "at" post.tele.dk DK Locals, Star cancellations 1999.02.06
DFFLethraborg, Torben / torben.lethraborg "at" image.dk French Colonies 1935-70; H.C. Andersen St 2006.01.07
Leimenstoll, Wolfgang / wolfgang.leimenstoll "at" t-online.de International Reply Coupons of all Skandinavian Countries. 29.08.2014
DFFLintrup, Morten J. / morlin "at" staap.dk B St. 1999.01.06
Lundblad, Yngve H. / yngvehl "at" online.no N, Dk, Sunday Letters. 2004.09.26
Lysvolt, Rita / lysvolt "at" hobby.dk Dk, S, N, F, IS, G St. 2000.01.20
DFFMaack, Aksel / info "at" katapultpost.dk Catapult Mail 2002.04.04 / Yes
Madsen, Heini / heini.m "at" get2net.dk DK, SF, N, S, Fr, Gr, GB, G St. Th. Ships. Fr & Vendsyssel PC 2000.08.25
DFFMalm, Finn / malm "at" post10.tele.dk Røde Kors i 100 år - Red Cross during 100 years. 22.10.2011
Mathiasen, Knud Spangsberg / K-S.Mathiasen "at" mail.tele.dk DK 1851-1932 all aspects. Skjern/Egvad PH (Danish areas) 2000.07.16
Matz, Kenneth / kenneth.matz "at" swipnet.se Classic DK, S St. 2002.03.12 / Yes
Mathiesen, Benny / bennym "at" mail.dk Baltic States 1918-1940, DK, Gr, Fr, IS St 2003.01.14
DFFMeyer, Bo / bmeyer "at" relief.dk DK St 1997.03.22 / Yes
Mikkelsen, Svend Aage / svmi "at" post3.tele.dk SF, FN St - Chemestry Th 1997.09.23
DFFMogensen, Henning / hm-expo "at" teliamail.dk PH Exhibitions, especially the 1909 National Exhibition in Aarhus. Also Stamp Dealer - see URL 2001.04.25
DFFMohr, Knud / knudmohr "at" inet.uni2.dk DK PH Classic St 2003.02.11
Molbech, Ib / molbech "at" adr.dk DK, Gr, S, N, D, A St 1999.04.18
Monberg, Flemming / Fmonberg "at" hotmail.com Fr St 1999.05.07
DFFMortensen, Inga & Hans / hans.mortensen "at" email.dk Bicoulered DWI and DWI Postal History. 2009.07.08 / Yes
DFFMortensen, Per Friis / Per.Friis.Mortensen "at" teknologisk.dk Slovenia 1919 - 1921 2003.02.11
DFFMouritsen, Henrik / henrik.mouritsen "at" uni-oldenburg.de DK Bi-Col. DWI St. Haiti < 1920 PH/St 01.09.2013 / Yes
DFFMøller, Johannes / johannes "at" tanke.dk DK IS Fr Gr W-Berlin D etc. St (NB: Selling out, only) 2000.09.25
Møller, Klaus / klausmoeller "at" hotmail.com DK MNH - ALL varieties included 2004.07.18
DFFMøller, Sonny / som-frim "at" post.olivant.fo DK, USSR, DDR St 1999.02.05 / Yes
DFFMøller, Søren Korsholm / soren.k.moller "at" mail.dk Classic DK - Bicoulered Skilling Issues 2009.05.02 / Yes
DFFMørkeberg, Thomas / moerkeberg "at" email.dk DK, Railway-, Ship-, Bus- St, Revenues, Perfins 1998.04.08
Nelson, Paul A. / pnels "at" worldnet.att.net Scand. Revenues, Phil. Literature 1998.06.23
DFFNFVS / henk.burgman "at" gmail.com NFVS = Nederlandse Filatelisten Vereniging Skandinavië 2001.10.09 / Yes
DFFNicolaisen, Erik / erik.nicolaisen "at" mail.tele.dk Sønderjylland PH all aspects. Tønder PH. DK Fr. VIII varieties 2001.04.22
Nielsen, Bo S. & Christina F. / bochris "at" webspeed.dk Denmark, Gr (incl. Thule), DWI, - DDR (full sets), England, Estonia, Finland, Fiume, France, Germany incl. all areas, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania St., Schleswig, Sweden, Trieste, USA, Vatican State, Austria. 2007.04.09
Nielsen, Finn / finn-nielsen "at" telia.com DK, S, NL, DANICA Winter sport on snow. 2007.07.25
DFFNielsen, Herman / hermann "at" nielsen.tdcadsl.dk D - West, East, Reich, States etc. 2002.08.13
DFFNielsen, Karsten Urup / kun "at" midtfyn.net Greece < 1924 Ph incl. all areas, Aegean Islands, Kingdom of Italy 1861-1942, Arab States, Surcharge local/country rate-letters (from all world). Birds of Prey Th. 2002.12.17
DFFNielsen, Leif Vonge / leif "at" lvonge.dk / leif "at" gamlepostkort.dk Old Postcards (World Wide) 2005.05.19 / Yes
Nielsen, Morten Alex / ma9elsen "at" internet.dk USA, US Revenues, Precancels, Egypt 1997.03.03
DFFNielsen, Orla / orlaniel "at" post5.tele.dk IS PH/St 1997.04.07
Nielson, Leif A. / Leif.A.Nilsson "at" ncc.se Ic: Military Mail, Numeral Canc., Jon Sigurdsson 1911, Fredrik VIII 1998.04.23
DFFNygaard, Søren / post "at" snygaard.com DK, DWI, Gr, Fr. St 14.03.2010 / Yes
Nørby, Holger / Hasseldata "at" dk-online.dk DK, S, SF, IS, Gr, GB, Baltic states St 1997.03.03
DFFNørby, Toke / Toke.Norby "at" Norbyhus.dk Info on Danish Postal Employees 1624-1927; 30/25 øre 1955/56 St 1997.03.03 / Yes
DFFNørgaard, Torben / tnoergaard "at" oncable.dk China St 2002.12.29
Nørgård, Frede / fredenor "at" post6.tele.dk DK, US St 1998.01.09
Oberg, Lennart / lennart-oberg "at" mail.dk Classic DK 2005.06.26
DFFÓlafsson, Eyjólfur / vilma "at" centrum.is Scandinavia St 1999.11.17
DFFOssowicki, Hans / hans "at" vmn.dk DK St and Airmail, Zeppelinpost, D (All Aspects) 2006.02.21
DFFParbst, Finn / fpa "at" danskebank.dk Sc St and Th. Volcanoes 2001.05.30
Pedersen, Allan / axn "at" get2net.dk DK (prefer < 1945), DWI, Fr, Gr St 1998.10.20
DFFPedersen, Henning / inga-henning.pedersen "at" post.tele.dk Danmark 1851-1961 stemplet. Motivsamling: Trafiksikkerhed. 17.09.2013
Pedersen, Henrik M. / hmp "at" hmp.dk DK, D St 1997.12.26
DFFPedersen, Ib / ib.pedersen "at" mail.tele.dk DK St from Automats 2003.02.11
DFFPedersen, Kell / mail "at" kell.dk St Bi-col. 8 øre Numeral Canc. PH Djursland/Pc. Randers. Th. Bicycles 2000.10.11 / Yes
DFFPedersen, Kim K. / lilja "at" post2.tele.dk PH Vordingborg (a Danish town) Post Office/Sub Offices 1998.10.08
DFFPedersen, Niels Erik Thunbo / nep "at" dhi.dk DK- Islands Samsø/Tunø PH, DWI St 1998.10.04
Pedersen, Ole / safe "at" andorra.ad Cuba St and Postal History. All Aspects 1999.02.07
DFFPlovst, Henrik / plovst "at" post.tele.dk DK Porto ("Modtageren betaler") / Post Ferry St./ PH. Chr.X 50 øre (All Types), Gebyr. 2003.03.04
DFFPoulsen, Henning / capradanica "at" dlgmail.dk Danske marginalblokke/ -numre på almindeligt papir. 04.09.2011
Premer, Tom / tpremer "at" online.no DK, N, S, SF St. 2000.01.31
Rafner, Claus / Claus "at" Rafner.dk DK Tax Stamps (Revenues) 2003.08.10 / Yes
Rasmussen, Allan / allanras "at" post3.tele.dk DK Postcards 1998.02.18
DFFRasmussen, Arne / avr "at" tdcadsl.dk USA, Canada, D > 1945. Greece, Japan St. Danish UN/NATO Fieldpost. USA Plate Number Coils 2004.08.21
DFFRasmussen, Bruno / vembru "at" tdcadsl.dk DK, Gr, Fr, Ål St., Birds Th. - and much more! 2003.02.14
Rasmussen, Ida / gerir "at" stud.hum.aau.dk Th. Red Cross 1997.03.03
DFFRasmussen, Jan Bøhm / scanphil "at" scanphil.dk Stamp Dealer and Stamp Auction House 1999.10.31 / Yes
DFFRasmussen, Leif W. / leif.w.rasmussen "at" mail.tele.dk Th: Homo-Aves Co-existence / 12.000 stamps of Birds for sale 2003.11.08
DFFRasmussen, Tommy / t-ras "at" esenet.dk GB > Victoria. Eire-GB surcharge, Sc St 2003.01.05
Rav, Ivan / rav "at" rav-stamps.dk DK Classic St, DK Bundles 2004.05.09 / Yes
Reugboe, Heinz / sfhr "at" ra.dk Red Cross St 1997.10.28
Rieck, Søren / rieck "at" stofanet.dk "Phila Danica" (Danish motifs on foreign stamps) 2001.04.30 / Yes
Riis, Steffen / steffenriis "at" privat.dk Danish private postcards 1871-87. Danish picture postcards 1887 - 1905. Danish postal stationery with pictures. DK PC politics, Genforeningen 1920 14.03.2010
DFFRoesen, Flemming Bent / g-f.roesen "at" mail.tele.dk D St from Booklets all kind 1910-42. D PH rates till 1945. Th. Hand Weapons 2000.06.27
DFFRostoft, Birgitte / birgitte "at" rostoft.com St. Fr, IS. Ph. Næstved (a Danish Town) 2000.12.13 / Yes
DFFRye, Jakob / jakob.rye "at" bigfoot.com DK, Sl, Gr, Fr, DWI, IS St. Japan, China (All Aspects) 2001.05.28
Røe, Paul Sverre / sverre51 "at" hotmail.com DK, N, IS, Schweitz St. Olympic Games (Europe) Th.. 1998.09.13
DFFSabin, John R. / jrs "at" dou.dk / sabin "at" qtp.ufl.edu DK, Fr, DWI. Ad Panes, Booklets, Postal Stationery, Stamp-Coins 1997.10.27 / Yes
Sachse, Götz/ igotmail2 "at" aol.com DK, Classic, especially "Tofarvede Øreudgave" 1875/1895/1902
North and South Slesvig Cancellations on Danish Stamps
DFFSandberg, Hans Peter / hanspetersandberg "at" hotmail.com DK Fr. VIII - All Aspects. Brande / Vejle PH, All Aspects. 2007.12.05
Sandaa, Thomas / t_sand "at" post4.tele.dk IS, Gr St 1997.12.14
Schmidt, Benny / benny.schmidt "at" get2net.dk DK, DWI, Baltics, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia 2003.03.04
DFFSchou, Niels / schou24 "at" gmail.com Dansk Frimærkehandels historie. Classic DK until 1882. 12.01.2011
DFFSiegumfeldt, Michael / m.siegumfeldt "at" get2net.dk Estonia 1800-1945. DK Postal Stationery Coat of Arms-type 1882-1890 2000.10.10
Sindt, Jon / j_sindt "at" post4.tele.dk DK, Gr, Fr St 2000.03.08
DFFSkau, Helge / c.skau "at" tdcadsl.dk Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Somali Coast, Sudan & East Africa - in particular - including Ph.) Hongkong, other Br. Cols. Macau, Thailand, Haiti 2002.07.08
Skovgaard, Carsten / Carsten.Skovgaard "at" skolekom.dk DK Locals 1999.03.25
Soerensen, Morten / mpsoerensen "at" yahoo.com DK, DWI, Schleswig (plebiscit), USA (used only). DK Locals 1999.12.05
DFFStahnke, Werner / werner.stahnke "at" ewetel.net New stamps from the Scandinavian Countries. 2007.07.07
DFFStorm, Kaj / KS.nordbylund. "at" post.tele.dk DK Post Ferry, South Funen Railways. Ørbæk and surrounding country Ph 1999.11.21
DFFStilling, Henrik / henrikstilling "at" post.cybercity.dk DK Bi-Col. St. (Main group 3 and 4) 22.12.2013
Sørensen, Bent / bent-litha "at" hafnet.dk Danish Local St., Railway Stamps, Revenues, Ration Coupons 2003.12.23
DFFSørensen, Chris Gade Oxholm / oxholm "at" bk6.dk DK, Gr, DWI, Po, Romania St. DK Home Guard Perfins. DK Bridge Type Cancels 14.03.2010 / Yes
DFFSørensen, Erik / mail "at" stofanet.dk Grenaa (Danish Town), incl. Sub Post Offices. PH, All Aspects 2003.06.26 / Yes
DFFSørensen, Henning Schougaard / hscs "at" youmail.dk Danzig, Memel, Baltic states 1918-40, DK, D, IS, = letters and St used 2008.01.24
DFFSørensen, Henrik Selsøe / sorensen "at" geocities.com DK PH, Postcards 1997.03.03 / Yes
DFFSørensen, Kim / kim.s "at" helheden.dk DK Bridge-type-, PR- and numeral postmarks. All kind of. 13.12.2009
Sørensen, Svend Aage / svsj4345 "at" post.tele.dk Postcards from Skjern (Danish Town). DK, Singapore, Poland, GB and D St. 11.10.2009 / Yes
DFFSvendstrup, Bjarne / albs "at" tune.dk DK PH of Vesterhimmerland. Pc. from Løgstør 2001.01.10
Teinvall, Hans-Åke / hans.teinvall "at" telia.com DK Oval Type, Booklets, used/Letters 2002.01.31
DFFThiesen, John / thiesen "at" post11.tele.dk Nordic Air Crash Mail. 30.05.2016 / Yes
DFFThun, John F. / john "at" thun.dk Po Locals 1915/19 & 44/45. St < 1950. D Gov. 1939/45, Plebiscite St. (Voting Period), K.u.K. A-Hun. Mil. Post 2004.10.31
Thøgersen, Henning / hthj "at" it.dk DK, Gr, Fr, DWI, IS, Danish Locals St 2000.07.18
Tindbæk, Henning / henning "at" tindbaek.dk Dealer. Specialised in West/East Europe 1999.03.24
De Tommaso, Massimo / maxxdetom "at" gmail.com DWI (postal stationery and bicolored issues stamps) / 8 penni Finnish postal card and Denmark Postal Stationery - Coat of Arms issues 07.11.2013 / Yes
DFFTruelsen, Brian / postmaster "at" briantruelsen.dk DK, NL, NL Colonies St 17.11.2013 / Yes
Truelsen, Charlotte / charlotte.truelsen "at" dk2net.dk DK, Japan St 2000.07.18
DFFUllerup, Kaj Erik / Kaj.Ullerup "at" skolekom.dk DK PH. King's Letters 1904-07. DK Postmarks - All. PH Aarhus County, Beder, Ans and Vejen 2002.03.15
DFFVermeij, Erik / Vermeij "at" post8.tele.dk NL St 1997.11.10
Vestergaard, Jan / jan "at" jve.dk Fr > 1975 PH, Haslev (DK town) > 1870 PH 2002.07.23 / Yes
Vonge, Leif = Nielsen, Leif Vonge    
DFFWarren, Alan / alanwar "at" att.net DK, SF, N, S FDCs (i.e. FDCs of those countries). S PH (prestamp, or prephilatelic). Tibet St & PH 2003.11.15
DFFWeber, Lennart / weber "at" sid.dk Hillerød (A Danish Town) Ph. 2001.06.06
Wiberg, Lars / slartie "at" gmail.com [Hjørring] / ALL World St.! 2008.09.24
DFFWæver, Svend / bicowrap "at" hotmail.commy DWI/DK Bi-Col St. Kingdom/Duchies 1813-68 PH. Newspaperwrappers worldwide < 1900. Ceylon Victorian period. Austrian & DK Revenues. Village de Chatou PH. 2012.11.05 / Yes / Yes / Yes
DFFZielinski-Fresberg, Rodger / zille22 "at" web.de DK St. (AFA and SAVA) 2004.02.19
DFFØrndorf, Leif / leif "at" filatelisten.dk DK & DWI bicoloured. All aspect: Holbæk, West Sealandic Railways and Invoices etc. from DK Tobacco Factories. 2002.03.15 / Yes
Østgaard, Arne H. / aostgaar "at" online.no N, Dk, S, Fr, IS, St used 1999.01.23
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A = Austria
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DWI = Danish West Indies
Fr = Færoe Islands
GB = Great Britain
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S = Sweden
Sc = Scandinavia
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Sl = Sleswig
W-Berl. = West Berlin
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Pc. = Postcard
PH = Postal History
St = Stamps
SON = "Sock On Nose"
Th. = Thematic
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