A Færoe Postcard from January 1919

By Toke Nørby


2+5 ore

Here you see a postcard sent from the naval inspection ship "Beskytteren" which sailed in the Færoe waters from October 1918 to May 1919 (and in other periods too). The postcard was written on "Christmas 1918" but as the writer had a knowledge of the raise in the postage fee from 1 January 1919 (from 5 øre to 7 øre for local first weight letters and indland postcards) and that he had no possibility to send it before New Year, he franked the postcard correct with 7 øre. The postcard was probably sent on 2 January when "Beskytteren" according to its log book from 1919 was in Thorshavn.

The postcard was sent in a mailbag from "Beskytteren" to Denmark where the mail was postmarked on 8 January 1919 in Copenhagen and postmarked on the same day in Vedbæk just outside Copenhagen. The date of the postmark is 8 January even it seems that it is postmarked on 18 January. This "1" is just an imprint from the date wheel and not a "1" which also can be seen from the date setting in the Vedbæk cancel.


Added on 08.02.2013
In 2006 I sold the postcard on a Thomas Høiland Action and here is the result: 16,000 + 25 % buyer's premium - a total of 20,000 DKkr., that's about 3,600 USD:

(Courtesy of Thomas Høiland).

And - just to show how important the item is to the postal history of The Faroe Islands, I recently found the below shown item which by accident is postmarked on the very same date and with the very same franking - but did only cost me 10 DKkr. (less then 2 USD!) - and why? Because it is a normal inland postcard with a normal franking of 2+5 øre, though only about a week after the raise of the inland rates.



The log book from "Beskytteren" from 1918/1919 is available at Marinens Arkiv (The Danish State Archive):

Skibsjournal for Inspektionsskibet "Beskytteren"
No. 3645, 28 Nov. 1918 - 22 May 1919. 3 Volumes.


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