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Should you wish to learn more about Danish stamps this is a good opportunity to do so. Danish stamps will provide you with a better knowledge of the geography, scenery, art, culture and history of Denmark.

Whether you are already a collector of stamps - or are contemplating starting a collection, it is a good idea to get to know Post Denmark, Stamps & Philately. We are not only in charge of the planning, printing, and issuing of stamps, but also your direct contact to service and up-to-date information about Danish stamps. Post Denmark, Stamps & Philately, issues between 20 and 25 new Danish stamps every year. Therefore, it is neither impossible nor especially expensive to get a complete collection.

The stamp with our famous little mermaid is from a series of four issued on 25 January 1996.

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Post Denmark, Stamps & Philately.
Vesterbrogade 67, DK-1620 Copenhagen V, Denmark.
Telephone + 45 31 24 50 22. Telefax + 45 31 23 76 23.

(Note: this page is a nostalgic page only and you can not order stamps from here, sorry.
Furthermore you must know that the address of the "Post Denmark, Stamps & Philately"
and their telephone numbers have changed so writing to the above address is no good.
Please use this link)

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