An example of Danish Inland Ship Mail

By Toke Nørby

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An Old Letter from 1843 Here you see a special letter from Tuesday 10 October 1843. It is sent from Copenhagen to Kallundborg and from there by steamer to Aarhus ("over Kallundborg" under "Aarhuus"). Actually this nice letter is written by the Danish General Postmaster Niels Winge to his brother in law "Headmaster of the Realschool". "S.T." is Latin (an abbreviation for "Salvo Titulo" which means that Winge made reservations for unmentioned titles). In the lower left corner you see "Betalt" (paid to destination) which costs 18 Danish Skilling (written in the upper right corner). A very special postal marking is the "5" which tells that the letter was delivered to the postoffice in the first hour after normal business hours. Winge had to pay 4 Skilling for this late delivery together with the normal delivery fee of 1 Skilling (introduced on 1 January 1812).
Reference: Toke Nørby: "Brevpåtegningerne "5", "9", "4" og "8" i perioden 010141-310351". Udvalgte Filatelistiske og Posthistoriske Artikler, pp 81-91. Nørbyhus 1993. ISBN 87-984623-1-8.


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