Watermota K2 - 6 H.P. Marine Engine

By Toke Nørby


The Watamotor Engine This two-stroke engine was built in 1950 by Water-Mota Limited Marine Engines and Sterngear in Newton Abbot, South Devon in England. The engine was in production from 1910 to 1955! The technical data is: British Horse Powers: 6 H.P. Max rpm.: 1050. Bore of cylinder: 2.75 inches. Stroke of piston: 3.00 inches. Cubic Inch Displacement: 36 CI. Weight of basic engine: 80 lbs.

I found it in Hundested on Sjælland (Zealand), Denmark in 1982 and I still remember that my wife said: "WHERE do you think THAT engine should be placed in our home?". Well, after it was restored she found it "nice" :-)

Please take a look at the homepage of Watermota Ltd - Marine Engineers - the manufacturer of my old Watermota!


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Last modified 25 October 1998