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Here you can find Information on Danish and Scandinavian/Nordic
Postal History and Philately - and a few more relevant URL's


Here are nice Links to Homepages with Postal History/Danish Stamps

The probably most active site dedicated to Danish Philately:
"Filatelisten" - always with fresh news from the Danish stamp world! - (In Danish) maintained
      by Leif Ørndorf, Denmark. (2008.02.24) Recommendable
Danish Postal History: - Finn Skriver Laursen, Denmark. Postal History of Horsens and "Prisoners Mail". (27.10.2011) NEW
Catapult Mail - and Rates - Aksel Maack, Denmark (1999.03.08)
Hald Hospital Camp in Denmark, WWI (was:, Dan Grecu, Romania (1999.03.13)
Horserød, The Hospital Camp in Denmark 1917-1918 - Dan Grecu, Romania (1999.03.13)
     (In Romanian but Dan has promised to make an English version of this page too!)
Labels and Forms, Danish Postal - Carl Jørgensen, Denmark (In Danish)
Officially Sealed Mails of the World - Todd A. Hirn, USA - A very impressive site (2003.01.21)
Danish Postal Stationery
The Postal Stationery with Bi-Coloured Stamps - Lars Engelbrecht, Denmark (2003.08.01)
Danish Stamps at Steen's Residence - Steen Hartmann, Denmark. (2004.12.03)
Dansk Postkortsamler Klub
"Dansk Postkortsamler Klub" - founded on 26.10.2009 the new Club has already more than 100 members - (In Danish). (21.02.2010)
Collecting the Works of Czeslaw Slania - Chuck Matlack, USA (105 Kb)
     Chuck passed away on 3 June 1996. In December 1997 his pages were removed
     from his old site, so please notice the new URL!
Danish Coat of Arms-stamps (Våben-typen). Not only the famous Søllested Stamps but all Danish Coat of Arms stamps
     are in focus on this web-page. Enjoy!. (In Danish). (08.06.2011) NEW
Porsgaard-Larsens Frimærkekatalog og studiekreds - maintained by Peter Porsgaard-Larsen.
     One of the most popular active sites on Danish varieties. (In Danish). (27.06.2010) Recommendable
Danish Perfins, Christmas Seals and Locals (and more) - Jan Langenberg, The Netherlands (2009.02.16)
AtoZee's Denmark Stamps/Postal History Pages (was:, A Web Guide and Directory for Collectors (2002.08.20)
Danish Related Organizations
Forschungsgemeinschaft Nordische Staaten covers all aspects of the philately of the Skandinavian Countries. (2001.10.29)
On-line Members of Scandinavian Collectors Club - USA (2000.09.25)
Scandinavian Collectors Club - USA (1999.08.15)
Scandinavia Philatelic Society England (1998.05.01)
The Philately.Com Denmark Page - USA
About The Færoe Islands:
The Faroe Islands Study Circle - Secretary: Norman Hudson, England (NEW URL of 2006.02.07)
The Philately.Com Færoe page (was: - USA
Jeff's Stamp Page (was: - Færoe Islands Stamps and Postal History. Jeffrey Crown, USA (1998.11.03)
Færoe Stamps at Steen's Residence - Steen Hartmann, Denmark. (2004.12.03)
About Greenland:
The Philately.Com Greenland Page (was: - USA
Greenland Stamps at Steen's Residence - Steen Hartmann, Denmark. (2004.12.03)
About The Danish West Indies:
Danish West Indies Study Group (was: - A Specialized Organization within Scandinavian Collectors Club - John L. DuBois, USA
DWI Stamps at Steen's Residence - Steen Hartmann, Denmark. (2004.12.03)


Recommendable Sites in the Nordic WWW-Space

DK Denmark
Post Danmark - Post Denmark. (In Danish) (Launched on 1996.11.18 - changed a couple of times since then)
Post Danmark Stamps (was: - (In Danish and English) (1999.06.22)
The Danish Christmas Seal (Julemærket).

The Danish Postal Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark (1998.10.01)
The Postal Museum in "Den gamle By" in Aarhus, Denmark (1998.10.01)

Organizations and Societies:
The Danish Philatelic Federation - Danmarks Filatelist Forbund, DFF

Århus Frimærke Klub - My Main Stamp Club!! (1999.12.07)
Kjøbenhavns Philatelist Klub - The most famous stamp club in Denmark! (2009.12.12)

Danish On-line Dealers:

Thomas Høiland Frimærker A/S - Was one of the best Stamp Auction Houses in the world! (In Danish)
Aarhus Frimærkehandel (was: - Lars Boes (In Danish) (2000.10.31)
AFA Forlaget - The Danish AFA Stamp Catalogues (In Danish) (1999.11.07)
Album It - Karl-Otto Villadsen (In Danish). A Special Album System using the AFA catalogue numbers (2001.11.22)
Cambofil Samlercentrum - Ebert W. N. Eichmeyer. (Danish / English)
     Speciality: Stamps & Coins. (NEW 2006.04.20)
Fyns Frimærke Service - Bjarne Heck, "The No Fee Stamp Shop" (Buyer pays no shipping fee!).
     Speciality: Covers - mostly from Scandinavia. (2004.06.22)
Scanphil Aps - Jan Bøhm Rasmussen, also owner of Aalborg Frimærkehandel (In Danish) (1999.11.01)
Viking Frimærker - Bendy Knudsen †, Søndersø (In Danish - his family take care of his business) (2008.01.14)
Weibel Frimærker (was: - Claes Weibel, Århus (In Danish) (2000.10.31)

Other Danish Stamp related Sites:

Filatelistisk Mødested - A Danish Philatelic Conference Page. Maintained by Knud-Erik Andersen (2007.05.27)
STAAP for Excel 97 - Stamps & Text, An Album Program
     Excellent (!) program by Morten Lintrup, Denmark (1999.01.06)
FakeBase - This site helps people preventing them to buy well known or not well known forgeries. NEW (2009.12.12)
Fr Færoe Islands
Postverk Føroya - The Færoes Postal Service
SF Finland
Suomen Posti Oy - Finland Post Ltd. (1999.02.03)
Finland Post Ltd. Postal Museum - Helsinki, Finland (2007.05.29)
Suomen Filatelistiliitto ry - The Philatelic Federation of Finland
Markku's Postal History Page. Here you can also find an online philatelic dictionary!
      Finnish to English, German, Swedish (and vice versa). Markku Korhonen, Finland (2007.05.27)
Gr Greenland
Grønlands Postvæsen - Greenland Postal Service (2003.01.03)
IS Iceland:
Landssamband Íslenskra frímerkjasafnara (The Icelandic Philatelic Federation) - Iceland. Webmaster: Hálfdan Helgason ( (2009.09.22)
Iceland Post - Postur, Iceland (2003.01.03)
Die Island Seite - Roland Daebel, Germany (In German) (2000.10.03)
Föreningen Islandssamlarna, Göteborg (2006.08.12)
N Norway
Post Norway (2000.02.15)
Norsk Filatelistforbund - The Philatelic Federation of Norway (1999.11.01)
Norsk Posthistorisk Selskap - Norwegian Postal History Society (1999.11.01)
Norges Frimerkeungdom - The Philatelic Youth of Norway (1999.11.01)
Norwegian Philately - and more! (was: Webmaster: Hallvard Slettebø (1999.11.01)
Norsk Filatelistforbunds list of on-line collectors (was:, Webmaster: Hallvard Slettebø, Norway. (1999.11.01)
Polar Post Svalbard (was: (2005.01.16)
S Sweden
Postens Hemsida - Post Sweden
Postal Museum - Stockholm, Sweden (2007.05.29)
Sveriges Filatelist-Förbund - The Philatelic Federation of Sweden (1998.04.25)
SSPD - Sällskapet för Svensk Posthistorisk Dokumentation (The Swedish Postal History Society) (2007.05.29)
Sveriges Frimärksungdom - The Philatelic Youth of Sweden
The Dag Hammerskjöld Stamp Catalogue - Chuck Matlack, USA
     Chuck passed away on 3 June 1996. In December 1997 his pages were removed
     from his old site, so please notice this new URL!
Aal Åland
Posten på Åland - The Philatelic Centre on Åland


Postal History and Stamps in "Space":

Collectors Newsgroups
You should know that there are three special newsgroups on the UseNet linked to the Internet:

Green Bullet dk.fritid.filateli (The Danish News Group on Philately)
Green Bullet rec.collecting.stamps.discuss
Green Bullet rec.collecting.stamps.marketplace

On the Internet there is a STAMPS List, and if you want to join the List, you should send a mail to Stamps-Listserver (was: with the only command: subscribe stamps name, where name is your name. You will then get information about the List and how to send information to the List.

Here are Four splendid Sites!
Here you can find the absolutely most interesting Stamp Sites on WWW. (You can find me there too ;-)

Linn's StampSites One of the best Stamp Sites of the world!
    All pages indexed in StampSites are about stamp collecting and philately,
    so you won't get pages about rubber stamps, stamped metal, or (if it exists) the
    heavy rock band "Paul Stampson & the Burpseals"! (1999.04.18)
Joseph Luft's Famous Site
Francis Chan's Stamp Resources (2002.03.23)
Philatelic.Com (Gregory K. Deeter)
Malte Aronsson's Stamp Philatelic Links (was: (1998.09.07)

Gert W. Bultman from the Netherlands has done an excellent job making a STAMPS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about stamps). You can find STAMPS FAQ here:

Stamps-FAQ-Norway (was:, (Bjørn Munch)


Some Special Stamp Sites on Various Subjects

Federation Internationale de Philatelie, F.I.P.:

Green Bullet F.I.P. (1999.05.16)
The Danish Philatelic Federation is a member of F.I.P.
Green Bullet F.I.P. 2002 Web Site Evaluation (2002.11.28)

Green Bullet F.I.P. 2001 Web Site Evaluation (2002.11.28)

Green Bullet F.I.P. 2000 Web Site Evaluation (2000.10.15)

Green Bullet F.I.P. 1999 Web Site Evaluation (2000.04.01)

The Philatelic Computing Study Group, PCSG

Green Bullet PCSG Homepage (was: New URL (2000.06.22)
PCSG's The Compulatelist (TC) is a quarterly 20-page newsletter published in January, April, July and October. TC carries a mix of information, reviews and news of interest. Specialized software written specifically for stamp collectors is discussed along with examples of how general-purpose database, text-handling, spreadsheet and graphics programs can be used to meet a collector's own particular requirements.

The Wreck & Crash Mail Society
was formed in the latter part of 1994, and is devoted to the collecting and study of all aspects of delayed and/or damaged mail and interrupted mail services. Currently the Society is composed of four study groups, namely: the Air Crash Study Group, The Railroad Wreck Study Group, the Ship Wreck Study Group, and the Suspended Mail/Conflicts Study Group. The Society publishes a quarterly journal "La Catastrophe", which contains articles on all aspects of wreck and crash mail, as well as news on new cover discoveries, auction realizations on wreck and crash mail, and questions from members who are seeking information on their crash and wreck covers and the stories behind them:

Green Bullet The Wreck & Crash Mail Society (Ken Sanford) (2008.01.02)

Unusual Stamp Sites

Green Bullet The crazy world of errors on stamps
Emmanuel Delperdange's enjoyable pages! (Belgium) (2001.04.03)
Hm! I'm afraid that Denmark is also represented on his pages ;-)
Green Bullet Tips on Scanning
By Peter G. Aitken (USA) (1999.08.30) With special reference to creating digital images of philatelic material.
Green BulletThe Stampguyz (Michael Pelarski, USA)
Online Watermark Directory & Resource Center. Be familiar with watermarks and see their characteristics. (1999.08.30)

Just for fun - has nothing to do with philately:
"Other Nørby folks - on the web"!

Green Bullet Ghita Nørby (was: Famous Danish actress - out of my family (2000.10.03)
Green Bullet Henrik Nørby (was: Henrik is not out of my family - as far as I know (1999.12.15)
Green Bullet Søren Nørby (Could be my brother - same name - but isn't. I don't know if he is out of my family - yet) (2007.05.29)
Green Bullet Nørby Kro - The Nørby Inn, Fanø Island (I have never been there :-) (2000.10.03)


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