and AmeriStamp Expo Cachets


The U.S. Postal Service released its annual Love stamp for the new First Class Mail rates at the exhibition on Friday morning at a well attended First Day of Issue ceremony. Special cancellations were available for the show from the USPS, and the Arizona Federation of Stamp Clubs sold cacheted envelopes for each day, one of which featured the Nordic theme.

The ARIPEX cover - from 20 January 2001
NORDIA motif
The motif on the NORDIA 2001 cover
AmeriStamp Expo
The motif on the AmeriStamp Expo cover
The First Day Cancel from 19 January 2001


There are still a few left and they are sold in sets of three one for each of the participating shows. There are two cancels - the show cancel with one for each day, and the First Day of Issue cancel. There are many possibilities for ordering, but you must take a set of three. Cost is US$5.00 plus US$1.00 postage overseas, US$0.50 in the US.

ARIPEX Cachets
PO Box 50603
Tucson, AZ 85703

The funds must be in US dollars or a check in US dollars.


2001.02.02 - Towle / Nørby