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Next NORDIA Show:
Kristiansand, Norway
10-13 October 2002


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A Final Report
Award List
Highlights - (2001.02.11):
    From the Palmares
Highlights - (2001.03.22):
    From the Opening and Show
Highlights - (2001.03.11):
    More Photos from the Show
Highlights - (2001.03.16):
    From the Tours
Highlights - (2001.02.13):
    Postal History Symposium
Nordic Postal Museums
Upside Down Jenny Stamp
Czeslaw Slania
Youth Activities
Billion Dollar Note
3 Skilling Banco, Sweden
Medicine Man Geronimo
Cachets from the Show

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  2000.12.25: Events
  2000.12.25: Show Site TCC
  2000.12.22: Press Release
Floor Plan NORDIA 2001
Board of Directors
Special Rules for NORDIA 2001
General NORDIA Rules
List of Exhibits
The Grand Prix Awards
The Special Prizes
Postal History Symposium
  (now with Speakers and Schedule)
Gems of Nordic Philately
Bourse and Ads
List of Dealers
Sponsor-/Membership Form
Tour/Event Arrangements
Arrangements Registration Form
Hotel Reservation Information
United States Stamp Society

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Tourist Information
US Stamps with Nordic Themes
Don Halpern's Photo Gallery
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2001.03.22 - DuBois / Nørby